Why choose Sealion Daycare
Because you’re looking for the BEST. Geeta makes sure that she cares for your children.

She knows what it’s like to care for kids – she has one of her own who is already nearing pre-school age and has been looking after kids for over 10 years!

Geeta knows how important and how irreplaceable your little ones are, and she will ensure that you have the most important thing a parent is looking for when choosing daycare – peace of mind.

You want to know that when you drop your child off at a daycare, he or she will be looked after as if at home. That is what you are getting from Geeta and her team.

We provide organic milk and organic food whenever possible, also ensuring your child has the best in nutrition as well as the best in care.

What are your rates?
 We get asked this question all the time, and it’s best to contact us to discuss your requirements as our rates vary depending on a number of factors.
Some day cares are cheaper than you, will you match rates?
Short answer is no! Some day cares operate primarily as cash cows, cramming in as many kids as legally possible and often it’s the quality of care that suffers. We don’t do that. We have children of our own and we want to make sure that your kids get the same attention that we’d give our own. In essence we go for quality of care over quantity.
How many kids do you have at any one time?
This varies as we get drop ins, part times and full times but we prefer to restrict places artificially rather than go for the legally allowed maximum. Again with us it’s about quality of care. We believe if a day care operates at capacity all of the time, then the kids don’t get the attention they may need.
Are you fully accredited and licensed?
YES! Our CA license number is #483008868 and Geeta is fully trained in child CPR, preventative health screening, child abuse prevention and more.

Geeta regularly attends the latest courses and ensures her accreditation remains current and up to date.

Where are you located?
We are located just off Glen Cove Parkway on Sea Lion Place, near Glen Cove Elementary