Quality vs Quantity

One of the questions I keep getting asked is why don’t you take more kids? I’ve been asked it so much I’ve added it to the Frequently Asked Questions page!

It’s a good question because surely if we took more kids at our day care we’d make more money right? That is of course true, but what kind of care will be provided that’s full to the brim?

As a parent, you know exactly how much time your kids need, and the answer is an awful lot. Practically 95% of your time when you’re at home with the kids will be spent with the kids. No way around that.

In order to ensure that we provide your kids quality care, we artificially limit the amount of places we provide. In doing this it means that your kids will get the attention they need. There’s no way we can replace you but we can at least make sure your most precious possession is cared for properly.

It means that we may be pricier than other day care providers in the Vallejo area. We have to be at the end of the day – less kids enrolled means to cover costs we have to charge more. But as everything in life, you get exactly what you pay for.

While we’re full, we operate a waiting list – if you’re interested in enrolling your children with us, please use our contact form and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements.t


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