About Geeta

Hi I’m Geeta, a CA registered daycare provider #483008868. Thank you for considering me and my daycare – Sealion Daycare! We are an affordable yet reliable family daycare facility that strives to provide excellent service to our community.

At Sealion Daycare, we do all we can to provide stimulating early care to promote each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development. It is our intention to aid children in discovering their interests and talents to build confidence.

We organize and participate in recreational activities that include (but aren’t limited to): Reading, Discovering/Learning, Game Play, Singing/Dancing, Drawing/Painting and Arts & Crafts. We encourage our kids to respect one another, and to work together while having fun constructively.

We observe and monitor their activities while keeping daily and accurate records on each child. We instruct children in health and personal habits such as eating, resting, and toilet habits.

We assist in preparing healthy food for children and serve nutritious meals and refreshments while also regulating rest periods.

Our goal is to support a clean and safe environment for your child to learn and grow while giving parents the ease of knowing that their children are in good hands.

We have a 2 year old and understand how scary it can be entrusting your children in the wrong hands…that is why we have an open door policy and are available via phone and email throughout the day.

Daycare hours

Daycare hours are from Monday-Friday. Weekly/monthly and daily rates are available.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions and or specific needs or to come by and take a tour. We look forward to hearing from you soon!