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New play equipment on it’s way!

So we had to do it – we’ve been wanting to get a new swing set for the play area in the garden for a while and none of the sets seemed good enough. They were either too flimsy or too dangerous or a weird combination of both! In the end we’ve gone for a top of the line lifetime play set which looks to be the most durable, fun and age appropriate we could find. It looks like it will be here in about two weeks, so assuming we can put it together over a weekend, three weekends from now we’ll be posting photos of our awesome new swing

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The Quality of Food at Day Care

We’ve heard horror stories in the past about kids in daycare being fed junk. Why this happens is obvious. Firstly, junk food is easier to feed kids – everybody knows that kids will eat french fries over greens and that chicken nuggets rule. Secondly it’s cheaper, and there’s nothing like being able to cut those costs! To be fair, not all day cares do this, and we like to think ourselves as one of the few that try to provide the best in terms of nutrition. Unless food is provided by parents (which is always an option) our kids will eat the same quality food that we buy for ourselves.

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Quality vs Quantity

One of the questions I keep getting asked is why don’t you take more kids? I’ve been asked it so much I’ve added it to the Frequently Asked Questions page! It’s a good question because surely if we took more kids at our day care we’d make more money right? That is of course true, but what kind of care will be provided that’s full to the brim? As a parent, you know exactly how much time your kids need, and the answer is an awful lot. Practically 95% of your time when you’re at home with the kids will be spent with the kids. No way around that. In

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